3 Books to Read If you are into Business and Spirituality

Alexander Gleeson
2 min readJun 23, 2022

1. Power v Force

This is one of the most life-changing books.

It changes how you view life and how you do everything — especially professionally. You quickly realise times you came at projects with force — which almost guaranteed failure.

Implementing this is a long-term change & the next book is the next one to read.

2. Letting Go

From the same author, this was the last book he wrote before he died.

A medical doctor, with left-field spirituality thinking, David R. Hawkins, outlines the best tool to ascend the consciousness scale. Letting go, or trauma releasing as it’s sometimes known,

3. Think & Grow Rich

This book focuses more on money than spirituality.

The belief and relationship with the sublime are talked about here. The power of a man’s seed, spiritually and financially, is also spoken about.

These are my three favourite books at the intersection of business and spirituality. I read the first two for spirituality and they helped me with business. The last I read for business and it impacted me spiritually.