3 Chrome Ad Ons You MUST use to avoid distraction while using the internet

If you are not using these Chrome add-ons, you are not productive.


Shout out to @fitwithrashid for recommending this one.

It blocks recommended Youtube videos — which was a big distraction for me. It’s easy to justify watching an extra video on self-improvement but it’s likely closer to entertainment.

Minimal Theme For Twitter

After researching them all — this is the best Twitter add-on.

It removes the “what’s happening” page. It is super easy to personalise your preferences. You can even go for monk mode — which blocks everything but your ability to tweet.


It uses AI to review spelling, grammar, and clarity in all your writing.

Send emails with ease. Have the confidence to know your Medium article doesn’t have any embarrassing errors.

Im using it right now!

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