5 Tools Everyone New to Crypto Needs to Thrive

1. Coingecko

If you are trading crypto this site is a necessity. I choose CoinGecko over CoinMarketcap after researching both to choose. It turns out CoinMarketcap is much more accurate. Although this is mostly insignificant, it is important when you go to low market coins.

2. Telegram

This messaging service has enhanced encryption and privacy. The crypto community has embraced it as its de facto messaging platform.

Joining crypto group chats is the best way of using it. When you meet other crypto people, adding them on Telegram is the best move. Sending people useful links, documents or courses is a sure-fire way to start a relationship.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a tool but be cautious of it. It is easy to get swayed by the narrative on Twitter, and it is usually exactly wrong. At times of market hysteria, Twitter will not be warning.

4. Coinigy

Coinigy is useful if you are trading. It has all the crypto exchanges, including web 3 ones like Uniswap. On it you can find all the trading tools, you’d find on any other exchange. If you are just trading crypto, as opposed to stocks, etc., Coinigy is far superior to Trading View. Trading View is a little confused compared.

5. Coindesk / Cointelegraph

These sites are great for crypto news.

I keep these bookmarked on my laptop.

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