Bear Grylls Advice for life

Alexander Gleeson
2 min readJun 30, 2022

I listened to Bear Grylls on The Diary of a CEO podcast.

Bear’s ability, risk-taking & doing it all without a huge ego made him everyone my age’s hero. His podcast with Steven Bartlett is worth listening to. I must admit I haven’t thought of him in years — but he had some great wisdom.

He says in school — your academic ability, bravado, and your sporting potential are what rank you.

What gains your status in school, often doesn’t work outside it. You don’t want to peak too soon as he said.

Bear was bullied in school and began taking karate as a form of self-defense. He became the second-youngest black belt in England.

In real life, there’s one thing that matters — the heart. Whether you call it resilience or relentlessness — this is what separates us. What was inspirational to hear was that it is a skill you can hone.

The way to do it is to go through challenges and failure — each time you get up afterward you build it more.

If you have a big goal — you build it more. As you move towards it, you face failure and tribulation frequently.

The harder the journey to your goal, the stronger you are for it. Any setback usually benefits you long-term and is a gift from God (or whatever you believe)!