My 3 Favorite Sources To Catch Global Trends Early To Profit from them

I love anticipating global trends early.

Trends offer the opportunity to profit, avoid financial catastrophes ( through anticipating recessions, etc) and become an early adopter of new technologies like bitcoin.

And since I love doing it, I have a handful of tools I use over and over again.

They have become part of my daily habit, and I recommend them to anyone and everyone.

To correctly do this: you have to keep your ear to the ground. Here are 3 tools to help you do this.

Tool #1: The Financial Times.

This is the number one unbiased newspaper. The quality of the reporting on all topics is premium.

I love it because they include what is important without the need for clickbait. They report with precedence.

Tool #2: Bloomberg, is great for news related to the markets.

I love it because they cover many topics and give new technologies a fair reporting.

Tool #3: Travel, this is my favorite one.

If I didn’t travel to Sydney and south east Asia, I likely would have seen bitcoin as a fad.

In early 2016, I was introduced to bitcoin by my roommate and if it were not for travel I wouldn’t have seen the global use case.

If you end up using these tools, let me know what you think!

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