What I’ve learned from completing the Ship 30 for 30

Alexander Gleeson
2 min readMay 22, 2022


I wrote 30 essays over the past 30 days.

Here are my not-so-obvious takeaways.

1. Learn so much through shippers’ essays

Reading other shippers’ essays has taught me so much.

They are writing as experts, are passionate about the subject, and have to condense it all into 250 words. This makes it amazing for getting useful tools to apply — in particular, digital add-ons.

  1. Its True — writing makes you think clearer

I first heard this from Jordan Peterson.

He said the clearer your writing is, the clearer your thinking is. That there is no difference between writing and thinking. I have experienced this first hand.

Two days ago, I highlighted areas of my life I want to improve — my weaker spots.

I believe the clarity of thought necessary for this was not there before.

3. It’s a difficult medium to gain traction on compared to others

Twitter and Medium are tricky platforms to gain traction on.

Compared to ones like Tik Tok and YouTube, which have countless consultants who provide accessible ways to grow, Twitter has no such option.

Growth is organic.

Ship 30 for 30 review

Ship 30 for 30 is an amazing program.

There is so much amazing content, yet everything has been made as simple as possible.

Dickie and Nicolas are great teachers.

Both are practical and money orientated. Big thank you to Ship 30 for 30, the team and all the people I’ve connected with along the way.

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